If you buy magnesium citrate as a laxative, it is a clear liquid in a bottle. It often comes with crap in it like saccharin and alcohol.

If you buy magnesium citrate as a health supplement it is usually a powder or tablet.

Is there any difference between these two things? Can you take the powder and mix it into water to make the same as the laxative?

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Magnesium (Mg) citrate is Mg citrate no matter how it's formulated. The manufacturer takes pure Mg citrate (which is a powder) and either adds it to the liquid or compresses it into a pill. Same stuff either way. I don't know what else is in the liquid, but whatever it is it's only there for taste, appearance, etc.

From personal experience I can tell you there's no need to dissolve the tablets in water or anything like that. Mg citrate is a laxative no matter how it's formulated, so just match the amount of Mg in the tablets to the amount of Mg in a dose of the liquid and you should achieve the same results.

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