I want to use proper conventional names for known diseases and cell and tissue types in my scientific research. Is there a web resource where I can look the terms up and make reference to this resource?

  • Other relevant terminologies are: - SNOMED-CT - Foundational Model of Anatomy – userJT May 29 '19 at 14:48
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  • @userJT I've told you repeatedly that answers require supporting references. That's been established policy here since 2015. To understand why read this meta question and the top voted answer. – Carey Gregory May 30 '19 at 22:09

Health insurances and hospitals (for the coding of the diseases) often use the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) from the World Health Organisation to standardise the naming of the diseases and assigns them a code.

There is an online available version (ICD-10) here:


For the classification of tissues and cells, you might maybe find an answer on the biology SE.

Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for the source. I ended up using this one and MeSH term dictionary. – Sashko Lykhenko Oct 22 '16 at 22:47

The following are naming conventions that satisfy your question:

  • Foundational Model of Anatomy
  • ICD (current version 10, it has national modifications (such as USA's ICD-10CM)
  • Provide a supporting reference or this answer will be deleted. – Carey Gregory May 30 '19 at 22:09

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