When you look at the following image, you can see at least two types of medical instruments for laproscopy:

enter image description here

On the photo, there are:

  • a scissor (the green one)
  • tweezers (yellow and blue)

I've also seen:

  • a "burner" (seems to be similar to a soldering-iron)
  • a video camera which also has a light
  • probably more

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The most important instrument is laparoscope/endoscope which is

a fiberoptic instrument inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall and used to examine visually the interior of the peritoneal cavity. (link)

Laparoscope is the instrument with video camera.

There are also:

Traditionally, the first step during laparoscopic surgery is to distend the abdomen, including entry into the abdomen and then insufflation with a gas (pneumoperitoneum), providing sufficient operating space to ensure adequate visualization of the structures and manipulation of instruments (link).

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