For someone suffering from Intertrigo skin infection in their groin area. Is there any home remedy to get rid of it?


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Intertrigo: For prevention and stopping furthering of symptoms

Shower and dry off thoroughly each day. Keep your skin as dry and cool as you can. Avoid wearing tight shoes or clothing. Wear a bra with good support. If the areas between the toes are affected, consider wearing open-toed shoes. For infants with diaper rash, change diapers more frequently. If you are overweight, do what you can to lose weight.


Take steps to eliminate friction, heat, and maceration by keeping folds cool and dry. These steps can be accomplished by using air conditioning and absorbent powders, wearing moisture-wicking polyester underwear and socks (eg, Orlon) and by exposing skin folds to the air. Compresses with Burow solution 1:40, dilute vinegar, or wet tea bags often are effective, especially if followed by fanning or cool blow-drying.

The above is treatmebt for Intertrigo. A doctor's visit is recomended however due to some cases needing steroids or other topicals and the risk for infection.

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    Can i use apple cider vinegar for this?
    – WallEE
    May 31, 2016 at 10:28

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