My dentist re-implanted my avulsed front tooth 2 1/2 weeks ago and I went back yesterday and he said my tooth was healing and getting stronger and he wanted to do a root canal, clean the nerves out and put a crown on. I didn't want my tooth ground down so I told him I would wait. Is it possible to do the root canal and just fill the root with filling..?


It should be possible to just do the root canal treatment and cover that with a small composite filling on the tongue side of the tooth. My opinion is that this is the ideal way to treat the tooth assuming that there is not a big filling or a big break in the tooth right now. (Doing a full crown over a front tooth that has a root canal greatly weakens the tooth and the patient runs a higher chance of the whole tooth breaking off at gum level.)

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  • Ken, There was no big break other than a chip. My tooth is almost completely healed and crown on front tooth just doesn't seem right to me. Perhaps it's time for a different dentist lol – Programmer23 May 23 '16 at 0:38

As it is a front tooth, root canal and tooth coloured filling like composite is enough. A full crown is strongly recommended if the tooth is a back or posterior tooth in order to survive the strong masticatory forces. A root canal filled tooth has more chances of fracture when under masticatory stress compares to natural teeth. That is why a crown is recommended. But in this case it is a front tooth, masticatory load will be less.

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