Estrogen levels ought to elevate after having sex in women and thus improve skin and hair quality. I do not find the scientific proof for this statement. Who can help?

  • Hair grows at about half a millimeter per day and skin cells are replaced every 10-30 days. How would something as brief as a sexual encounter have a visible effect on things that take weeks to appear? – Carey Gregory May 9 '16 at 0:12
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    "Estrogen levels ought to elevate after having sex..." Why do you say this? Do you have any reason why this should be true? There might be a good reason you can't find proof for that statement. – anongoodnurse May 9 '16 at 2:44
  • It is written in several publications. They quote an American Study of The American Health ministry. I would like to see that publication, but do not find it. – Doc17 May 9 '16 at 4:55

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