Since three or four years ago, I started feeling sudden chest pains around once or twice a month. These pains can be relieved when I stretch my ribs left and right that can remove the pain. Am I facing a heart related disease, or are the pains something to do with the ribs? I am a non smoker with no family history of heart diseases.

  • You have to be more precise. Do you have any other symptoms, did you pull/stretch a muscle maybe, do you take any medications (side effects), your stress/anxiety levels, your age etc.. It could be loads of things but it can also be nothing serious... – user3462 Apr 27 '16 at 12:28
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    Welcome to health SE :-). Personal medical advice is strictly off-topic here, so I'm voting to close. For more information please have a look at the help center. A suspicion of a heart disease is a serious one, so a visit to the doctor's is definitely in order. – Lucky Apr 28 '16 at 3:12
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    As Lucky says, this is an off topic subject. I would, however, encourage you to visit your personal medical provider. Chest pains, whether they seem innocuous or not are not something to be dismissed or taken lightly. – JohnP Apr 28 '16 at 3:58

The pain that is relieved by "stretching your ribs" does not likely arise from the heart, lungs, stomach or other internal organs, but very likely from the chest muscles or possibly from joints.

Chest muscles can become tense and painful due to anxiety, poor posture or excessive exercise. if you recognize any muscle knots that are tender to touch, you may want to think about myofascial pain syndrome.

Costochondritis causes pain along the breastbone that is aggravated by exercise.

In fibromyalgia, you would have tender points in typical symmetrical locations.

To know if you have arthritis, you would need to have blood tests and some imaging investigation, like MRI.

Heart pain from narrowed coronary arteries (angina pectoris) typically lasts less then 5 minutes and is triggered by exercise or stress and relieved by rest.

Pain due to inflammation of the lung membranes (pleurisy) is triggered by deep breathing and coughing and is not relieved by stretching.

Lung cancer rarely causes chest pain, and if it does it is not likely relived by stretching.

Shingles affect a spinal nerve and cause constant pain that is later (days/weeks) followed by an itch rash.

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    Hi, Jan, it is obvious that you put a lot of effort in this answer and cited a lot of references in an attempt to help the OP :-). Nonetheless, personal medical advice is strictly off-topic, and making exceptions might cause chaos on the website. What's more, the OP might interpret "does not likely arise from" as "I'm fine and can skip a visit to the doctor's" and in some cases it might harm them. – Lucky Apr 28 '16 at 3:18
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