Sometimes I have headaches. I've heard that they're caused by the pressure of veins in my brain (not anything more). I found out that if I cool my forehead or eyelids with water, the pain stops.

Am I actually healing the cause or just cloaking the symptoms?

(It does not hurry, I'm just interested ;)


You are possibly reducing some of the causes of the symptoms, but for numerous reasons and maybe a secondary diagnosis the headaches themselves may return. Head cooling is a typical treatment for headaches and migraines.

Migraines- Mayo Clinic

Ice packs have a numbing effect, which may dull the sensation of pain.

Heat works as well.

Hot packs and heating pads can relax tense muscles. Warm showers or baths may have a similar effect.

How it works possibly:

  • It is thought that cold constricts the blood vessels (a process known as vasoconstriction), possibly creating decreased downstream blood flow and lessening the pain you may feed. A cold pack may also reduce edema (swelling).

  • The potential neurologic effects of cold therapy on migraine may be rooted in the fact that the cold inhibits your ability to feel the pain, a process called analgesia.

So applying cold is not just masking the symptoms, but may also be working at the root of the problem.

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