Is it possible to mineralize and make our corroding teeth strong back again?

  • What should one do?

  • Which food items will help?

Answers will be greatly appreciated.


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Yes. It is possible to remineralize teeth without cavitation. I am unsure what you mean by corroding, but cavities cannot be fixed by remineralization. Products can inhibit damage and harden intact and decalcified enamel.

Low Cariogenic diet

Initial caries lesions without cavitation of the surface can remineralise (heal) under conditions of low cariogenic diet and good oral hygiene. However, once the surface has broken and cavitation occurred, there is no alternative to restorative dental therapy because remineralisation is no more possible.

Avoiding things like some beverages that break down teeth is a good thing to remember when prevention teeth problems.


This is only my personal experience, not solid evidence.

I have had holes in my teeth for 10 years without any worsening. I try to eat a balanced diet low in modern refined processed foods, with natural meats like wild game.

Also I listen to my body, if I get pain in my teeth, it is a reminder to clean better and stop eating sugar, the pain goes away if I do this.

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