One of the risks of autologous blood injections is injury to structures near the target tendon.

Example: http://www.sportsmed.net.nz/patient-info/general-rehabilitation/autologous-blood-injections/:

Pain was one of the main problems reported. In one study of 35 patients, 25 had pain and stiffness after the procedure, which went away within 2 days. Most patients reported that the pain was similar to the pain they had after steroid injection. Other potential complications include infection, injury to structures near the tendon and bruising at the injection site.

What sort of injuries to structures near the tendon may happen during an autologous blood injection?

I wonder which structures are at risks, as well as the level of the risk (e.g., recovery duration and activity limitation).

I am mostly interested in lateral epicondylitis of the humerus, but curious about other tendon as well.

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