I suffer insomnia sometimes. When that happens, I would lie on my bed and find that my mind is active. As hours go on, I would seem like falling into dreams, only to wake up later. The process of falling into dreams and wake up with a lingering memory of the dream would repeat many times into the night.

When the next day comes, I would find that I am tired and my mind is not as sharp as the normal days.

So I wonder when that happens, do I really have enough rest for the night? Am I really sleeping?

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Superficially, yes, that sounds like fairly poor sleep. Don't loose hope entirely, though - in general, when people say "I never fell asleep all night" or "I kept waking up in the middle of the night", but are observed while sleeping, many still do have periods of uninterrupted sleep that they don't remember.

So, nights like you describe sound like you are getting poor sleep, but chances are you're getting some sleep.

Still, it sounds rough! I'm sorry this is an issue you deal with.

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