The Internet is full of advice on how to prevent flatulence (e.g. diet changes), but no serious tips on how to get rid of gas once it's set in.

Gas trapped in the colon can cause significant pain. Are there any methods to help move gas along and expel it once it builds up in the colon?


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Yes, there are ways.

  • First, make sure the stomach is not squeezed by a tight belt or similar.
  • One can support gas movement by massaging the belly.
  • Since some gases tend to move upwards, changing one's position in a way that the exit is elevated can help (e.g. doggy style).
  • Some herbs also help a bit, for example a spoon of caraway filled with hot water in a cup and drink after 5-10 mins.
  • A hot-water bottle reduces the cramps.


for infants:


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In addition to the home-remedies suggested by Marzipanherz - the warm bottle is a good one - there are pharmacological therapeutic options out there.

Gas-X, Mylicon, others 1

Simethicone (an inert mixture of polymers stabilized with silicon dioxide)

Gas can become trapped in small bubbles in the gut. Simethicone is known for its ability to collapse bubbles by forming a thin layer on their surface.2 This decreases the volume of gas in the GI tract, but it's unclear if this has a therapeutic effect.


(alpha-galactosidase preparation)

Another option is to diminish the creation of new gas if your gas is being caused by a particular kind of food, in this case, foods containing the trisaccharide raffinose.3 Foods containing raffinose include things like beans, cabbage, brussels, sprouts. We can't digest this on our own, so it ferments in our stomachs and causes gas. The compound α-GAL in BEANO breaks raffinose down to galactose, which we can digest.


1: A more comprehensive list of simethicone containing drugs

2: Mechanism of antifoaming action of simethicone.

3: Wikipedia: Raffinose


You should try with Mint leaves and peppermint tea that's will help you a lot , but try with natural leaves not the one that sell in the store

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