Transsexuals seeking sex reassignment surgery require at least one, and usually two, referrals from medical professionals. Ordinarily, in order to get these referrals the patient must have completed one year of real-life experience (the "real-life test"), where they live consistently as their stipulated gender.

Question: Are there other surgeries with comparable restrictions to the real-life test for transsexual genital surgery?

I'm not aware of any. I know there can be long waiting lists for surgery, but that's different to waiting to be put on a waiting list for surgery.

I've heard in some places to obtain an abortion you need to wait a few days. That's the closest I can think of.


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There's a six month rule demanding abstinence from alcohol for liver transplants. I can't immediately find evidence of similar rules for other organs, but they might exist.

There can also be a cooling-off period for plastic surgery, but that's not really a lifestyle test. It's kind of the opposite.

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    If you ever watch the show "600 lb life" the surgeon always asks the patients to lose a significant amount of weight (eg 30 or 50 lbs) before the bariatric surgery, to demonstrate that they can change their activity level and what they are eating. I don't know if that is particular to that one surgeon or a general practice. Commented Feb 8, 2017 at 12:59

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