I read the following claim from a company selling turmeric curcumin pills (also containing Ginger, Boswellia & BioPerine), to optimize the anti-inflammatory effect of the pills:

TIP - Cut down on sugar and carbs

It's not popular to recommend and it’s not easy to make a lifestyle change, but it makes a MAJOR difference. At the very least I recommend you cut down on sugar and carbs dramatically for the first couple weeks. This will allow the product to quickly get to work without being bogged down fighting new inflammation.

The pills contains turmeric curcumin, Ginger, Boswellia & BioPerine:

enter image description here

Is there evidence confirming or infirming that reducing the amount of carb intake increases the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric curcumin? I'm mostly interested in tendinitises.


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