I am a 15-year-old vegetarian (and I don't eat eggs). Can anyone suggest good sources of vegetarian food with high protein content to improve my health?

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Here are some good sources of protein:

  • hemp seeds (10g/2tbsp)
  • peanut butter (8g/2tbsp)
  • chia seeds (4g/2tbsp)

  • pumpkin seeds (7g/oz)

  • almonds (6g/oz)
  • seitan (6g/oz)

  • tempeh (30g/cup)

  • tofu (20g/cup)
  • black beans (15g/cup)
  • quinoa (8g/cup)
  • soy milk (8g/cup)
  • buckwheat (6g/cup)

Do you eat dairy? If you do, try:

  • cottage cheese (26g/cup)
  • Greek yogurt (20g/cup)

Note that these numbers are approximate (depending on the brand, etc.). There are many other sources of protein, but I hope this provides you with a starting point.

Here is some more data:

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