Can Clonidine or chemically similar drugs (i.e. Guanfacine) cause or worsen Psoriasis? If so, in what mechanism?

I didn't find any data about Guanfacine but I have found few articles mentioning Clonidnie:

Clonidine is an hypotensive agent and various other hypotensive medications have been suggested as worsening an existing Psoriasis.

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"Guanfacine and clonidine appear to have similar efficacy for the treatment of hypertension and a similar pattern of adverse effects." [1]

"About 15%–20% of patients develop contact dermatitis when using the transdermal system." [1]

"Clonidine is associated with Raynaud's phenomenon" [2],[3]

Dermatologic manifestation of clonidine - [3]

  1. Pityriasis Rosea
  2. Hyperpigmentation but association with psorisis is not mentioned in below texts.

Also from case study causal nature cannot be determined

Ref- [1] Goodman & Gilman 13E Chapter 12 P 203 [2] HPIM 20E [3] Fitzpatrick 9E

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