On various blog posts I've read about the relationship between nicotine and hair loss. It is mentioned that nicotine starves the hair follicle of its nutrient.

For example here: Nicotine & hair loss

However I was unable to find high quality publications listing evidence for this assertion. Can somebody help me out?

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As you are talking about non smoked nicotine containing products, I think the hypercritical among us may find ways of questioning it, but it seems possible.

It is pointed out by Rajput (2010) that:

Avoidance of smoking can be beneficial in hair loss, as nicotine is known to decrease blood flow to the hair follicles by causing vasoconstriction and also leads to accumulation of free radicals in the hair roots thus damaging hair roots.[27]

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But, this talks about smoking nicotine containing products.

With Galitovskiy, et al. (2012), an experimental group of mice received subcutaneous injections of the LD50 dose of (−)nicotine hydrogen tartrate of 3mg/kg/day, 5 days per week for 24 months, and:

We demonstrate for the first time that chronic nicotine treatment can induce the development of muscle sarcomas as well as transient hair loss.

But then, mice are not humans. Is it certain that the results with mice would be the same in humans?

"While the mechanism responsible for hair loss in subjects exposed to nicotine or tobacco smoke is unknown" (Babajoni, et al., 2021):

it is thought to be similar to the mechanism by which smoking increases skin aging. Nicotine is known to cause constriction of dermal hair papilla and local ischemia, accumulation of DNA damage, dysregulation of protease/antiprotease systems involved in the hair growth cycle, and upregulation of local pro-inflammatory cytokines implicated in follicular inflammation and fibrosis [40, 41]. A hypothesis exists that exogenous nicotine from smoking can cause overstimulation of the cellular nicotinic acetylcholine receptors leading to desensitization of the receptor. This in turn contributes to hair follicle destruction by activation of programmed cell death pathways present in keratinocytes [42-44].

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