I am considering the viability of using ultrasonic vibrations interacting with the eyeball to detect eye gaze direction without interfering with the field of vision [for Virtual Reality headset]. While I understand ultrasound probing of the interior of the eye is routinely used for diagnosis; presumably the procedure would be of short duration and repeat procedures on the same patient would be rare.

My question is what if any effect regular continuous exposure [ultra short bursts a few hundred times per second for hours at a time] to similar ultrasonic vibrations as used in exams could have? Also what range of frequencies and power levels are used by the medical equipment?

Just to clarify; I'm not about to go out and test this on my self - I'm aware ultrasonic waves could potentially boil my eyeball given enough power: Just checking if what I'm thinking of is feasible and warrants more intense research.

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    Questions here are required to demonstrate some degree of prior research. Although there may not be studies on long-term ultrasound exposure, I'm quite sure the frequencies and power levels used are readily available.
    – Carey Gregory
    Jan 8 at 16:33


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