According to my professor tissue expander implants are implanted subaponeurotically because of the Easy plane of cleavage and also as it is Avascular and this article also mentions the same thing.

Deep to the galea lies the loose areolar layer, a relatively avascular plane also known as the subaponeurotic layer, subgaleal fascia, or innominate fascia. It enables the layers above it (skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, and galea) to slide as a unit over the cranium. As such, this layer is easily dissected and is often the plane of cleavage in avulsion or scalping injuries

What does plane of cleavage means in this context?

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When you look up "plane of cleavage definition" online, you most often get the definition within Crystallography, such as.

Plane along which a crystalline substance may be split

Applying this to surgical procedures, you will be talking about places where splitting can occur, vertically or horizontally.

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