What is the name of the crease/fold/sulcus between the top of the leg and the groin?

Here's an image:

Image of the crease

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That crease is simply called the crease of the groin. [See: fig.1 of Mallouris et al. (2012).]

Other names for this crease, as also indicated in the same paper include Holden's crease and fold of the groin


Mallouris, A., Yiacoumettis, A., Thomaidis, V., Karayiannakis, A., Simopoulos, C., Kakagia, D., & Tsaroucha, A. K. (2012). A record of skin creases and folds. European Journal of Plastic Surgery, 35(12), 847-854. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00238-012-0774-3


It also called inguinal crease and love line ...it denotes the inguinal canal and attachment of inguinal ligament ..also it is the junction of abdomen and thigh in either side

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