If one were to be "fully vaccinated" with 2 doses of the Pfizer for COVID19 and then six months later vaccinate with the Moderna version: What is the word or phrase to indicate such a protocol?


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The "CombiVacS" trial used the term "heterologous vaccination schedule", and several other papers cited by that one also use "heterologous":

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You'll find similar terminology of older studies regarding other vaccines but I wouldn't guarantee that other descriptions aren't used, as well, using common English language.

Fragapane, E., Gasparini, R., Schioppa, F., Laghi-Pasini, F., Montomoli, E., & Banzhoff, A. (2010). A heterologous MF59-adjuvanted H5N1 prepandemic influenza booster vaccine induces a robust, cross-reactive immune response in adults and the elderly. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, 17(11), 1817-1819.

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