It is still controversial if pregnant women should generally be vaccinated against Covid.

As far as I understood, the US-american and English authorities recommend vaccination, while the Germans do not (at least not in general).

Which major countries do recommend vaccination for pregnant women and which do not?

EDIT: There is the map https://hub.jhu.edu/2021/06/28/tracker-map-of-vaccine-policies-for-pregnant-women/ which was kindly provided to me by Chris Rogers, but unfortunately, it is from June and a lot has changed since.

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  • @ChrisRogers Oh, I'm sorry, I probably used the wrong search terms. If you could be so kind to share the link you found with me? Sep 5 '21 at 11:05
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    No problem. Try hub.jhu.edu/2021/06/28/… If this doesn't help, maybe you could edit your question to say why it doesn't 🙂 Sep 5 '21 at 11:07

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