Now that getting the third shot of COVID-19 vaccine is allowed, which one of the following order of 3 vaccines will lead to better protection and more robust immune system response against Covid-19 and its variants? And how many weeks must be between the 1st & 2nd shots and the 2nd & 3rd shots?

  1. Oxford–AstraZeneca + Pfizer–BioNTech + Oxford–AstraZeneca
  2. Oxford–AstraZeneca + Oxford–AstraZeneca + Pfizer–BioNTech
  3. Oxford–AstraZeneca + Pfizer–BioNTech + Pfizer–BioNTech

The first dose/shot in all 3 cases is 'Oxford–AstraZeneca' due to the findings of this published article in the magazine of Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01805-2.



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