What is the incidence and the prevalence of symptomatic and asymptomatic tendinopathies for each tendon in the buttock, thigh and iliac regions?

What I have found so far for yearly symptomatic tendinopathy incidence:

  • Achilles: 2.35/1,000 {1}
  • Patellar: 1.6/1,000 {1}
  • Adductor: 1.22/1,000 {1}
  • Gluteal: 4.22/1,000 {1}
  • Plantar Fascia: 2.44/1,000 {1}
  • Elbow: 3/1,000 {1}
  • Shoulder: 3/1,0003/1,000 {1}

The issue is that this list is incomplete and vague (e.g., there are more than one tendon in the glutei).


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