I was on the Judaism stack exchange, and in a question there was a reference to a rabbinic exegesis of the Torah, where the rabbi claimed that Adam, Noah, and some other biblical figures were born already circumcised. (that is, born without a foreskin)

I'm just curious if there are any verified cases of this phenomenon recorded in the medical literature?

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    Read about Aposthia here – Desai Apr 21 at 16:26
  • @Desai thanks for this lead. If you work it into an answer I will accept – TheIronKnuckle Apr 23 at 10:52
  • also, curses and spells on whoever downvoted without leaving a helpful comment to explain why. It's probably just naturalistic bigotry manifesting in response to this question having a reference to something religious – TheIronKnuckle Apr 23 at 10:53

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