I've heard that using cough during heart attacks as an improvised CPR is a complete myth. (Important note disproving self-CPR: CPR shall not be performed on conscious people.)

My question is what are the proper actions and tactics for self-aid during a heart attack? Is any form of self-CPR aid a thing? How effective is it?

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    If by "heart attack" you mean cardiac arrest, self-CPR is impossible because you will be unconscious and there's absolutely nothing you can do for yourself. And if you're not in cardiac arrest, there would be no reason to perform CPR. So it's a nonsensical myth and the only course of action you should take if you believe you're having a heart attack is calling the emergency services number in your country. – Carey Gregory Apr 21 at 14:35
  • @CareyGregory you are totally right, sorry. Self-CPR was rich on my behalf as it shall not be performed on conscious people. The proper wording is the one I used in the head title - "self-aid during heart attacks". I will edit the post. – Zhiltsoff Igor Apr 21 at 15:16

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