From Consensus guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) deficiencies

Recommendation #27 (conditional): Routine imaging of the brain is not required to diagnose BH4Ds.

Can we rephrase routine as "typically" thus:

Typically, imaging of the brain is not required to diagnose BH4Ds.

Or is there some other meaning of the word routine here?

Could it mean "typical methods of scanning are useless in diagnosing BH4Ds, but maybe some advanced techniques are better, but thus far we don't know"?

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    It doesn't mean more than it says. It just says imaging routinely (ie, without a reason for suspicion) isn't necessary. I think your first suggestion of saying, "Typically, ..." would be a reasonable translation. But I also think this question would be a better fit on English Language and Usage.SE. It's really just a language question and doesn't require medical knowledge.
    – Carey Gregory
    Mar 20 at 15:59
  • @CareyGregory - thank you! I thought that there might be some aspects of meaning that could be missed by users on language-related sites. Mar 20 at 16:33

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