I have found info on canned tuna containing Mercury, but not about how much Mercury can be in the water/oil in which it's canned, so if someone can point to studies/actual data measuring this, please point to it. In absence of data, informed guessings are welcome, like what % of the Hg in the tuna could be expected to leak to the water/oil, and if this % would keep increasing [guessing numbers if possible, like eg 'each year in the can, the water could get 3% of the tuna Hg, in oil it would be 2%'.

  • Informed guesses are not welcome. Answers must provide supporting evidence for their claims. – Carey Gregory Mar 15 at 14:30
  • The limit amount is set by political bodies like FDA ( in US) ; it has nothing to do with actual mercury in the product - other than it is lower than the legal limit. – blacksmith37 Mar 15 at 20:24

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