All of a sudden (yesterday apparently) there blossomed on the major news outlets an admonition not to take either Tylenol or Advil prior to and or immediately after Covid-19 vaccination.

The logic articulated is that their reduction of a fever or inflammation attenuates the intended immune response.

This is surprising on several levels. I have received several vaccinations in my adult life - flu, both shingles, both pneumonia - and never has this reservation been mentioned. Actually the opposite.

Separately, as a rank amateur, I wonder which way the logic works. I would think in that fever and inflammation are part of the body's defence mechanism, so that limiting them would allow vaccine antigens more "running room," thereby giving a better immune response.

So my questions are:

  • Is there a validity in the notion of not taking either or both of the medications coincident with a vaccination in general?

  • Is there a distinction in this context between acetaminophen and ibuprofen?

  • Is there something specific to Covid-19 vaccinations that gives the admonition bearing?

  • What if someone has already been vaccinated before this purported warning became publicized, are they in limbo?

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    The story also had some evidence "A study on mice in the Journal of Virology found these drugs might lower production of antibodies — helpful substances that block the virus from infecting cells." Obviously it might not be that conclusive, i.e. lower titres may be enough. And at least NBC prefaced that with "The evidence is limited." – Fizz Feb 7 at 3:27

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