I am from a data science/programming field, but for my work, i need to better understand what happens when an organe is removed (just removed, not replaced). Indeed, there is nerves, mucles, veins, arteries, ... and i guess that all these are either not used anymore or used a different way. I am more focused on what nerves becomes after organ removal, but a more broader view about the rest is welcome.

So, my focus about nerves is because we are wondering weither it is possible to mesure nerve impulse when the nerve is not attached to the organ anymore ? and if it is possible, does the impulse disapear after an (long) amount of time due to, say, brain reorganisation or something else ?

If you have explainations, it would be great. But what I need the most is some keywords, terminologies, sources, studies, ... . Anything you have that can get me started on the field. Obviously, my lack of knowledge in medicine will stop me at a point. But i need to know where to start looking for informations.

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