In this YouTube video Can you catch coronavirus more than once? l GMA Digital the doctor says that "we don't really know yet".

Assuming that the answer could be yes, what's the probability approximately of catching COVID-19 again? And what's the probability that it will affect one less/more?

The doctor also mentions the antibodies that one produce once one is cured for some period of time, the false negative rate that can be as high as 30%, if it mutates, that could make it stronger, neutral or weaker.

Then mentions something about re-infection: the test shows positive but it's just the 'fragments of the virus' showing up in the test, and they cannot cause the disease.

And lastly, the doctor mentions that doctors never before have seen a person re-infected with the exact same strain of a virus more than once.

Thank you

(feel free to make this community wiki, I forgot to mark it as that)

  • If we knew a probability then it would not be "we don't know". You're asking for more information, not less. – Bryan Krause Aug 2 '20 at 3:58

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