Is there any case with a mandible premolar tooth with distal and mesial canals? I have a problem with finding the canals of the mentioned tooth. Can anyone help me?

  • Is it the first premolar or the second premolar? Also, what's the reason for your question? – Ojasvi Jul 25 at 18:03
  • @Oj16 Dear friend, I am a dentist and it is one of my complicated cases that needs to some guide to be treated well. By the way, it is the second premolar. I know it is kind of rediculus, but is there any possibility to have a two (mesial and distal) canal tooth?! – Perfect Fluid Jul 27 at 6:28

Yes it is possible for the mandibular second premolar to have two roots canals or even at times three canals! Here is a case of the same. According to Grossman, in 2.5% cases a single canal may bifurcate existing in two foramina. Hence it is recommended to take a Cone Beam Computer Tomography and use an apex locator to eliminate confusions.

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  • @Perfect Fluid you may accept the answer if you are satisfied with it for the future reference – Ojasvi Sep 13 at 10:15

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