Recently it's been reported by italian researchers that the viral load of covid-19 went down. viral load coronavirus (spanish) This claim was contested by WHO. Another italian virologist went as far as proposing the viral load now is 100 times lower than in March viral load coronavirus 2 (spanish) and that the virus now is much less of a threat that what we think it is.

At the same time, it's been reported in República Dominicana a person with Covid-19 and flu, and in México several persons with Covid-19 and Dengue. My question is, if the virus actually turned less dangerous now, how do doctors know the cause of death of someone when people with several virus or bacterias on them, which affects similar organs? Are the symptoms different enough as for knowing the cause of death or is there a grey area where a person with covid-19 could have die from another reason and being marked as a covid-19 death?

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