I have this part of paper (its PDF file) :

Fuzzy Logic Based Expert System for Detecting Colorectal Cancer

So i like to know the medical doctors view point about the emboldened (bolded) sentences from the abstract:

Abstract - Colorectal cancer (or bowel cancer) which occurs in both men and women around the world. It is called the silent killer. The death rate of colorectal cancer are greater in men than in women. It happens most commonly after age 50. The aim of this paper is to implement a fuzzy rule based expert system for detecting the colorectal cancer which assists the doctors to identify disease easily. It is an intelligent decision making system. Because fuzzy rule based expert system provides more accurate result than in traditional system. It considered uncertainty issues like ambiguity, vagueness and imprecision whereas traditional system could not handle it. To accomplish the diagnosis process taken different risk factor, signs and symptoms from patients and experts (doctors). Fuzzy rule based expert system consists of four parts such as knowledge base, fuzzifier, Fuzzy rule inference engine, defuzzifier. We used mat lab to design a fuzzy rule expert system based on Mamdani technique.

So do medical doctors are using this new technologies based of fuzzy logical mathematics to detect the diseases like cancer.

If yes, How much this new technology ( based of fuzzy algorithms ) has been effective in cancer detection, in your working experiments?


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