My upper left molar (teeth #7) crumbled and the crown also broke down.

The dentist suggested to go for a tooth extraction, followed by an implant.

Is it fine if I avoid the implant, and only do the molar extraction?

If no, then which product is better out of following

  • CSM
  • Osteon
  • Nobel biocare

Which one would be good in my condition?

  • You have not really provided enough information. However, I will warn you that you need either an implant, a spacer, or a partial bridge. If you do nothing you risk your other teeth drifting out of line. – Carl Witthoft May 15 at 14:29
  • Have you googled something like "Are implants really necessary?" or "Under what conditions an implant is necessary?" Please include your own research on your post – I likeThatMeow May 20 at 20:52

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