I don't understand why is there a standard dosage (once a week).

For MS patients who get a relapse each 2 or 3 years, I think the side effects of the medicine are worse than the symptoms of the disease itself. That's because they have to get headache and cold symptoms once a week for ever to decrease the number of relapses that may occur every few years. Plus the irriation in the injection site due to frequent injection. Wouldn't it be better for them if they took one injection every 6 months or so?

3 or 6 months are periods of time that don't exceed the exceed the time between each two relapses so the upcoming relapse will be delayed.

If it is medically necessary to take it once a week, how about taking it once a week for one month or so and having a rest for the next few months?

I'm just wondering why the dosage is independent on the severity of the disease? What's the medical point of view?

  • I asked my doctor and he said no. The dosage is once a week and can not be changed. – user2824371 May 18 at 19:13

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