I have seen this device which is used for medical sterilization:

enter image description here

I like to know proper type of UV light for Covid-19, and seen this posts:

UV light covers a wavelength spectrum from 100 to 380 nm and is subdivided into three regions by wavelength: UVA (320 to 400 nm), UVB (280 to 320 nm), and UVC (200 to 280 nm) (1). Among them, UVC has the strongest germicidal effect and is widely used in the form of mercury lamps to inactivate microorganisms.[ reference ]

But, on the other hand, there are a few sources that mention that UVC is the most dangerous wavelength that can cause skin cancer. ... The shorter-wavelength, higher-energy UV radiation associated with the UVC category is very strongly absorbed by most organic materials. [ reference ]

According these data i think the UVC Type is proper to be used at this devise, but i asked here for consideration more details like standards and medical health consideration for choosing the proper UV lamp Type.




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