I had tooth extraction in 2007. Dentist didn't use stitches just gave me a cotton told me to hold onto it with teeth. Bleeding last for 3-4 hours.

Usually, however, bleeding will almost completely stop within eight hours of the surgery, ....


Why do dental doctors allow patients to bleed if there is a alternative to it?

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It is not a black-and-white rule that no sutures are used in dental surgery. There are disadvantages to suturing, e. g.:

Clinical disadvantages of suturing: Although suturing postsurgically has many benefits, there are some disadvantages. Suture material that is braided can often act like a plaque trap and soak up bacteria. This is known as the "wick effect." (3) Bacteria in close adherence to the wound site can cause infection and delayed healing. In addition, breakdown products from the absorbable suture material itself have been shown to cause an inflammatory reaction in the tissue in certain cases. (4) The length of surgery may also be increased, since suturing—especially in advanced cases—can be time-consuming and technical. Studies have shown that any increase in surgical time can also be correlated with an increase in the postoperative pain a patient may experience. (5)

Source: https://www.perioimplantadvisory.com/clinical-tips/article/16412251/alternative-to-suturing-reduces-surgical-time-for-dental-procedures

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