Since the demand for imaging is increasing regarding COVID-19 and the number of papers describing COVID-19 patterns in computed tomography (CT) is increasing, I searched medical imaging recommendations/guidelines for the clinical routine.

What I found:

Besides the American College of Radiology (ACR) recommendation regarding COVID-19 and imaging, I found similar recommendations (mostly from European Radiological societies), e.g.:

I assume that especially countries in Asia might have a lot of experience. However, I could not find any source.

What I am looking for:

Is there any medical imaging recommendation/guideline regarding COVID-19 from an Asian Radiological Society?


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I don't know about official Chinese recommendations, but this might help.

China had experience with SARS, and this new infection was looking a lot like SARS. They did not have a surfeit of testing kits for a new virus, but they knew what SARS looked like on CT scans. Therefore, symptomatic patients received CT scans of the chest before being tested for coronavirus. If it was positive for the new pattern of atypical pneumonia, they were then tested and triaged.

Since then, we have developed other screening tests that do not involve CT scans.

See here and here for more information.


I found a good overview of medical imaging recommendations for COVID-19 from many radiological societies.

https://www.myesr.org/covid-19-resources > Guidance for radiologists in dealing with COVID-19 patients > By country.

Unfortunately, I could still find no recommendations from Asian radiological societies.

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