Everybody who's purchasing medicine in a pharmacy has to write a signature on a touchscreen payment terminal, either with his/her finger or by using the stylos attached to the terminal. This practice persists today, despite the covid-19 epidemic. Is there any data available regarding infection disease transmission via pharmacy terminals?

  • What makes terminals any different from all the other surfaces people touch? – Carey Gregory Mar 10 '20 at 21:59
  • @CareyGregory, two things: 1. you have to touch either the terminal or the stylos, and 2. it's in a prescription pharmacy, frequented mostly by sick people. – Michael Mar 10 '20 at 22:02
  • I know some research has been done on whether COVID-19 is transmissible by surfaces, but last I heard the answer isn't in yet. However, it is known that the virus can survive on dry surfaces for several days so it's a good bet it is. But I'll be very surprised if anyone tests those terminals specifically. – Carey Gregory Mar 10 '20 at 23:43
  • @CareyGregory it's highly likely surface contamination was the mode of transmission on the cruise ships – Graham Chiu Mar 18 '20 at 7:51

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