I've read that SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19 disease can be tested with RT-qPCR.[1] It seems a somewhat lengthy procedure.

Then it's unclear to me: how do they test the virus in drive-through clinics in Daegu, South Korea?[2] Specifically, do they use RT-qPCR testing or is there a faster way to test the secretion for virus?

Because "drive-through" normally implies that procedure is done on the spot. (Or do they only collect the samples in drive-through fashion, but the results come in later?)



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I cannot answer about South Korea, but as far as other drive-in test stations are concerned the rules I've seen are:

  • Call ahead to get checked whether testing is indicated, get issued a special testing number.
  • Go there, get tested with the testing number.
  • Go back home, get test result via mail.

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