I don't have general access, and likely not enough background knowledge to understand Plastic surgery literature for the most part, but from reading accessible information in the personal websites of various plastic surgeons, I understand that post gynecomastia surgery wearing of a chest binder is always requested to prevent possible and likely edema in the recovering area, as well as to ensure proper "reshaping" of the chest.

While reading as described, I found inconsistency in regards to:

  • The period of wearing such binder - ten days, two weeks (and if I recall correctly, also three weeks)
  • The legitimacy of removing or not removing the binder while wanting to take a shower or when feeling bad from wearing it
  • All plastic surgeons presented the wearing of such binder as obvious or mandatory

I didn't find any information on possible exceptional cases in which wearing such binder will probably be a redundant task.

My problem

Since I recognized inconsistency in regards to using instructions as well as impressed that the price can be very somewhat high (around 100 USD to 200 USD), I personally don't recognize justification to require a patient to wear such binder after every gynecomastia surgery and wonder if there is a challenging perspective according to which, at least in some cases, it will indeed be a redundant task; for example, in:

  • Some cases of "level 1 gynecomastia" surgery, especially unilateral (with scalpel)
  • subclinical-definedgynecomastia surgery, especially unilateral (with scalpel)
  • Minor gynecomastia cases of the sub type lipomastia ("pseudogynecomastia"), requiring a small, focused, and perhaps not even electromechanical liposuction surgery, rather an nonelectromechanical one (no scalpel)

My question

From reading spanning on several years on this, it is unclear to me if there are exceptional cases in which wearing a post gynecomastia chest binder is redundant.

Are there cases in which post gynecomastia wearing of a chest binder is redundant?

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