Does anybody have helpful sources/links that are basically recordings and playbacks of heart sounds (normal/ abnormal/ etc.) that I could just listen to while in my spare time? I am looking for something outside of Youtube. Thanks

  • Can you rephrase the title into a question? Like "Where can I find audio samples of Heart Sounds?"
    – Bob Ortiz
    Commented Dec 6, 2019 at 11:12

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There's a free selection here.

It covers:

  1. The normal heart
  2. Interventricular septal defect
  3. Interatrial septal defect
  4. Pulmonary stenosis
  5. Patent ductus arteriosus
  6. Mitral stenosis
  7. Mitral insufficiency
  8. Aortic stenosis
  9. Aortic insufficiency
  10. Hypertension within the systemic circulation
  11. Hypertension within the pulmonary circulation
  12. Gallop rhythm
  13. Sclerosis of the aorta
  14. Pericarditis.

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