On every bottle of "dietary supplement" pills I've ever had, it says somewhere something along the lines of: "Dietary supplement pills are not a substitute for a varied and healthy diet."

Huh? Isn't the whole point of "dietary supplement" pills that they are a substitute for a "varied and healthy diet"? If one were already eating a varied and healthy diet, why in the world would they need the "dietary supplement" pills in the first place?

They appear to be literally stating that there is no point in buying and consuming their pills.

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The answer lies in the meaning of the word "supplement":

Definition of dietary supplement

: a product taken orally that contains one or more ingredients (such as vitamins or amino acids) that are intended to supplement one's diet and are not considered food

The very meaning of the word means to "add to" so I don't think their disclaimer is unreasonable. Nobody can survive on supplements alone and even careful diets can be deficient in certain elements.

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