As far as I have learned, Cannabis products made of the CBD-rich "Indica" species (or sub-species, depends on the botanical opinion), use to combat PTSD, and anxiety and for muscle relaxation in some cases of fibromyalgia (and maybe also idiopathic hypertonia);

Many drugs combating PTSD and Anxiety often used off-label as sleep aids (either to permit sleep, to prevent dreaming, or both):

  • Certain B vitamin complexes (and maybe also Emoxypine which is similar to vitamin B-6), often used as first-line therapy to combat stress disturbing sleep
  • Amitriptyline for anxiety used to permit sleep
  • Diazepam for Anxiety used to permit sleep
  • Prazosin often used to combat PTSD-associated nightmares

I don't recall any strong evidence that cannabis (which also combats PTSD and anxiety) is used as a sleep aid but I might just missed such evidence; beyond that, I recall anecdotal evidence about cannabis indica used as sleep aid to both falling asleep and prevent dreaming (this might be the main PTSD combating effect).

Is there a convention between sleep medicine physicians to treat any sleeping disorder with some medical cannabis preparation?

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