I have noticed that in the day or two before coming down with cold symptoms. (Which I am taking to be the interval between catching the virus and symptoms appearing.) I feel quite elated for no particular reason. I've since been able to predict that a cold is coming on from this feeling. (As in, "I wonder why I'm feeling so happy? Oh yes, that person sneezed in the library two days ago. Oh dear.")

Then during when the first symptoms hit, and the sore throat hits, that night is terrible and sleepless and the worst feelling ever with chills. But then after that subsides, the headache and chills lift and then basically just left with a runny nose, again this period feels midly pleasant.

I wonder if this is a common thing?

I put it down to maybe the virus at first making your head a bit fuzzy at the beginning like being mildy tipsy and relaxed.

But I also wonder whether maybe the virus itself is prompting the body to release endorphins in order for it to encourage you to be around other people and hence help it spread?

  • Hi zooby, welcome to MedicalSciences.SE. How do you suppose someone would study your question? And why? We require at least some degree of prior research here, so what have you found so far? – Carey Gregory Nov 18 '19 at 5:40
  • @Carey perhaps as a way of diagnosing on-coming colds. Or as an exploration into how viruses evolved and spread. – zooby Nov 18 '19 at 7:20

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