The medicines for cough threatment can be attributed to several classes:

  • antibiotics and antiviral drugs
  • mucolytics
  • antitussives
  • expectorants
  • bronchodilators

Are there any other means of cough treatment with a well-understood mechanism of action, except by these categories?

As a counter-example of treatments with unclear mechanism of action, there are syrups based on mixes of herbs with obscure functions. Or "folk remedies" such as chicken soup or raspberry tea.

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    The general idea you are asking about is very interesting, but I think that you would get better answers if you edited your question to narrow it down a bit, make it more precise. There are many types of medicines used for cough (not trying to answer in comment, but just to illustrate): antitussives, expectorants, bronchodilators (in some cases) etc. and each group contains sub-groups with different mechanisms. As for herbal syrups - depends on the herbs they contain. Chicken soup and raspberry tea are more of folk remedies for common cold, than for cough per se. The answer would be too long. – Lucky Sep 3 '15 at 19:40
  • @Lucky thank you so much for naming those classes of medicines, that's partially what I wanted. – Boris Burkov Sep 3 '15 at 22:44

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