There's a Russian healthcare term инструментальная диагностика - instrumental diagnostics (I'm not sure whether the translation provided by Multitran is really commonly used in English).

It covers all diagnostical procedures carried out using any kinds of tools: ECG, MRI, X-ray, blood pressure monitors, treadmills, angiography tools, as opposed to questioning the patient verbally or taking a blood test.

What is the English umbrella term for this?


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The term "instrumental diagnostics" is commonly used in Russian and Eastern European texts and it appears as such in texts translated into English (search results for "instrumental diagnostics").

The term instrumental diagnostics is rarely used by English authors and its equivalent is "investigations," which includes laboratory tests, imaging and other investigations. Sometimes, laboratory tests are mentioned separately as "laboratory tests and investigations".

So, the umbrella term for "instrumental diagnostics" could be simply investigations or, more precisely, clinical investigations.


  • "History-taking and physical examination versus investigations" (the title of one section of this article)
  • "Basics of the Health History, Physical Examination, and Clinical Investigations" (the title of this article)

"Investigations" do not include using simple tools, such as the stethoscope and blood pressure monitor, during physical examination.

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