A table from from Cerebral folate deficiency: Analytical tests and differential diagnosis:

The first column contains patient numbers.
I thought that sib of .. meant "sibship of .." - that is, "in the patient's family, there is a total of NUMBER sisters and brothers". But when I came across "sib of 18" and "sib of 20" I started having second thoughts. Are there really families with such huge numbers of children?

What could be an alternative meaning for the abbreviation sib here?


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21 (sib of 20) means that the person No 21 is a sibling of the person No 20 (a row before him).

You can check this article:

These patients were members of 28 unrelated kindreds with subjects 5 and 27, 9 and 13, 10 and 12, 11 and 15 and 19 and 21, being full siblings (Table 1).

In the table 1, you can see that the person No 5 is a sib of the person No 27, and the person No 27 is a sib of a person No 5.

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