I came across the following sentence in a Russian text:

Диссеминированный туберкулез легких в фазе инфильтрации, МБТ (-) IА

I translated it as:

Disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis at the infiltration stage, Mtb(-), I-A

The matter is, the I-A stands for Group 1 (confirmed active TB in this patient), subtype A (first occurrence of TB in this patient).

This is a classification system used in Russia for TB patients, who are required to register at a clinic in order to be tracked and cured. ("Диспансерные группы больных туберкулезом")

For instance, 1-Б (Cyrillic for 1-B) would mean "Confirmed active TB in this patient; reccurrent case", and 2-B would mean "Chronically ill TB patient; uncurable case".

Is there a similar code system for classification of TB patients in the West?

If no, I'd probably have to write (Russian classification system) in parentheses after I-A to make it clearer to the reader. I found that in one Russian-to-English translation they explain the thing as "dispensary registry group":

enter image description here

"Dispensary" is a crude direct translation of Russian "Диспансер" (Dispanser), a treatment center specializing on this or that disease.

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